CargoWiz is a logistics software designed for loading optimization
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CargoWiz is logistics software designed for cargo loading optimization. It is designed specially for loading containers at maximum efficiency. The program is very customizable, everything from the container size to the order in which you want the cargo loaded can be modified according to your needs.

The program has ergonomic design; and what might first seem very complicated is easily explained in a 10-step tutorial. You can import your own data and customize it as you see fit. CargoWiz comes with its own preset dimensions for containers which can be set to the Imperial system, or the metric system. You can also create your own container with the dimensions you want.

Some information about the cargo has to be written in the program: quantity, length, width, height and weight. You can also prioritize the cargo and you have the option to put some cargo on the bottom only. The program offers many options here, you can sort the cargo, name the shipment and, if you have a large list of cargo a search tool is provided for finding the information faster.

The most useful feature of CargoWiz is a 3D model, how to load the cargo in the container step-by-step. In addition, in the 3D model, the program shows you exactly how much of the container volume is used, as well as some other statistics. The design is done well, the cargo is shown in different colors and if you hold the mouse over it, the description appears.

CargoWiz is a very good tool for those looking for better cargo loading optimization.

Dennis Niels
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